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Youth Homeless Planning

In April 2017, Iowa Homeless Youth Centers (IHYC) was awarded funding from Mid-Iowa Health Foundation to create a plan to end and prevent youth homelessness in Polk County. IHYC subcontracted with the Youth Policy Institute of Iowa (YPII) to lead the planning process. Over the next several months, in collaboration with numerous community stakeholders, YPII will be convening partners, analyzing data, researching best practices, identifying strategies, and drafting the community plan to be completed by the end of 2017.

Stakeholder Group

April 2017 Power Point

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April 2017 Summary of mtg

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Youth Work Group Structure 2017

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Youth Plan Update June 2017

Download - File size: 418KB

Youth Planning Comm Schedule June 2017

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Data & Assessment

Housing & Services

Agenda May 2017

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Agenda Prevention Youth 2017

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Ending Youth Homelessness HUD models May 2017

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Youth Homeless Demonstration Program

YHDP Application

External web link - /media/1069/narrativeyhdppolkcountyia-1.pdf

Submission Confirmation

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